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Learn more about the artists that will join us at the Youthfest

Mary Carmen Barria

Mary Carmen Barria, a Catholic singer-songwriter from Panama, dedicates her talents to spreading God's message through prayer songs, worship, and evangelization. Did you know she participated in World Youth Day, Panama’s youth festival 2019?

Ana Bolivar

Ana Bolivar is a Colombian singer-songwriter. She is a voice of hope who tells stories of a fresh way of living faith in everyday life. In recent years, she has written four albums and performed some of the most outstanding songs on digital platforms within the gospel genre, such as "La Fortuna de Tenerte,” "Por Donde Vas Iré,” "Le Pertenezco,” "Fluiré" and “Pasara.” Ana continues carrying the message of hope worldwide as a missionary.

José Ignacio Martínez

José Ignacio Martínez is a singer-songwriter and producer from Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico. He has created theme songs for Magdala’s virtual pilgrimages, such as "Tierra de María,” "Sáname,” "La Fe,” "La Pasión,” "Estamos Listos" and "Libérame,” the hymn of the Exodus. In addition, he has participated in "La Voz México 2012" and has ventured into dubbing for Disney.

David Filio

David Filio is a Mexican musician who has worked in music since 1979. He is known for participating in the "Mexicanto" duo and collaborating in Disney film productions. He has also released several songs as a soloist and shared his testimony and music dedicated to evangelization. His latest single, “Levántate amada mía,” is a song dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Paola Pablo

Paola Pablo is a Dominican catholic singer-songwriter who seeks to outspread the joy of believing in God and living in intimacy with Him. Her music is part of the New Evangelization, so people and communities discover and welcome the Good News. “Y si hoy,” is one of her most listened-to songs.

Rogelio Casasola

Rogelio Casasola is a Guatemalan Catholic singer-songwriter based in Guadalajara, Mexico. He loves God, his family, and music. He left the first rank of popularity on the radio in his country to follow Christ and be a missionary, spreading evangelization messages to the world through his songs. He is the author of "Lluvia de Gracia,” the hymn of "La Gracia,” Magdala’s virtual pilgrimage.